Greeting Card Design: Weddings

Handmade greeting cards add a wonderful personal touch to any occasion. With a few basic materials, anyone can create a beautiful card that looks as nice (or even nicer) than anything that you would buy at the store. Weddings are the perfect occasion to create a card that reflects on the couple’s personal tastes. When designing a wedding card, a great place to start is looking at the style and theme of the wedding, along with any wedding colors. For the design shown, the bride wanted a black and white wedding because she “didn’t want color to ruin her wedding.” She preferred simple, modern designs, with black and white as her only colors.

To begin, first assemble all of your materials. The materials needed for this card are: 1 blank white card, 1 sheet of red card stock, white ribbon (1/2 inch thick, and 1/8 inch thick), a heart-shaped pop-up punch, white eyelets, rubber cement, scissors, eyelet setter, and computer printer.

The theme of this card is as simple as its design: love. Although the bride did choose to use any colors other than black and white for her wedding, I chose to use red on the card because it is a color that symbolizes love. Once you have assembled all of the necessary materials, take the red sheet of card stock and head to the computer. Using the word processing program of your choice, choose an elegant font. Create a text box and type the word “Love” in large, bold, black letters, centered in the middle of the text box. This will be used on the front of the card. For the text inside the card, create another text box on the same page. I chose to use 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 for the message on the inside of the card, but feel free to personalize the message any way you like. Use the same font for the inside message as for the front of the card, only use a smaller font, and it does not have to be bold. Once you have finished typing your message, print on the red card stock.

After printing, take the card stock and cut out both text boxes. Take the one that only says “Love” to attach to the front of the card. Before attaching it to the card, use the heart-shaped pop-up punch to punch a heart on the bottom of the piece of card stock, centered under the word “Love.” Then use a small amount of rubber cement to attach this piece to the center of the front of the card. Then take your eyelet setter and set one white eyelet in each corner of the red card stock that you have just glued to the front of the card. Once your eyelets are set, take a piece of thin white ribbon, approximately 6-8 inches long (more or less depending on how much you need to tie a bow). Open the card and place one end of the ribbon through one of the top eyelets, and the other end of the ribbon through the other top eyelet so that you can tie a bow on the front of the card. Tie a tiny bow on the front. To help the bow stay tied, add a drop of rubber cement (or white glue, or super glue) to the center of the bow and wait for it to dry. After it has dried, trim off the ends of the ribbon. Then take the thick white ribbon and cut two pieces, each just slightly longer than the width of your card. Glue one piece on the top of the card, and the other piece on the bottom of the front of the card with rubber cement. Wait for the glue to dry. Once the glue has dried, trim off any extra ribbon with your scissors, and rub off any extra glue from around the ribbon on the card. Finally, cut out the message text box from the red card stock and glue it to the inside of the card. Once the glue has dried, your card is finished.